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San Diego Tattoo Scar Cover | Cover Your Scars Or Unloved Tattoos

July 27, 17 by  
Filed under Tattoos

Scars, bad tattoos, and even some birthmarks can be transformed into works of art with the help of a San Diego tattoo scar cover service. For people who are faced with the prospect that tattoos they have gotten in their misguided youth will be an eternal reminder of bad decisions or events, the fact that […]

Should I Get a Tattoo? Some Pros and Cons.

July 21, 17 by  
Filed under Tattoos

Are you asking yourself, Should I Get A Tattoo? They’re seen as rites of passage and symbols of deviance, expressions of individuality and bodily defacement. Many enthusiasts insist that even the most hesitant of those that consider ‘should I get a tattoo?’  will want more after their first. Tattoos. Admittedly, they are pretty mainstream nowadays, lacking […]

10 Reasons You Need to Be Pierced By a Professional San Diego Piercing Shop

June 27, 17 by  
Filed under Piercing

Many of us have heard stories about people who decided to pierce each other’s ears at a slumber party or have passed accessory stores advertising free ear hole punching with earring purchases. When your six-year-old wants to get her ears pierced, you may not automatically picture bringing her to a tattoo and San Diego Piercing […]

Questions to Ask Your San Diego Tattoo Artist before Getting Inked Up

June 19, 17 by  
Filed under Tattoos

                Asking the right questions to your chosen San Diego Tattoo Artist before inked up is central to the process! The popularity of tattoos today has replaced the question of getting inked from “if” into one of “when and where.” Before you head off to the closest San […]

San Diego’s Ear and Body Piercing Trends for 2017

May 4, 17 by  
Filed under Piercing

We are now entering a period that’s more about refinement rather than quantity, now that many piercings have gone from counterculture to couture. Here are a few San Diego ear and body piercing trends poised to be all the rage this year. EAR PIERCINGS Conch piercings are versatile and can add the perfect accent to […]

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