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You have a lot to consider when selecting a San Diego tattoo parlor for your body art. After all, your tattoo will be with you for the rest of your life.

San Diego Tattoo Parlor

Whether this is your first tattoo or your tenth, choosing a parlor with high standards for cleanliness is essential. In addition to a spotless facility, the staff should open needles directly in front of customers. Once the artist has completed the tattoo, he or she needs to dispose of needles immediately and in a safe manner.

Tattoo parlor staff must be trained in bloodborne pathogens to ensure client safety. A bloodborne pathogen is a microorganism present in the human body that can cause diseases such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. Needles used in tattooing can subject both workers and clients to bloodborne pathogens. Because of this, a reputable tattoo parlor will have a bloodborne pathogen policy in place to avoid the risk of spreading infection.

According to the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard established by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), organizations that deal with human blood must define the following in its plan:

  • Engineering and work practice controls
  • Personal and protective clothing and equipment
  • Employee training
  • Medical surveillance
  • Hepatitis vaccination standards

As a client of a San Diego tattoo parlor, you have the right to request a written copy of its Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. If an organization cannot or will not provide it, keep yourself safe by taking your business elsewhere. Additionally, make sure that the parlor you choose is licensed to do business in California.

Quality Of A Tattoo Artist’s Work

Colorful ButterflyYou wouldn’t bring your car to an amateur mechanic or visit a doctor who hadn’t completed medical school. When it comes to something as important as permanent body art, you can’t afford to take shortcuts with the person you choose to apply your tattoo. One way you can evaluate a tattoo artist’s work is by asking to see his or her portfolio. The pictures in the portfolio should demonstrate a wide range of abilities in terms of color, size, design, and complexity of tattoos. Any tattoo artist who wants your business should be happy to provide you with a portfolio.

You can also search online for reviews of the individual artist as well as the tattoo parlor. While any business can have a few disgruntled customers, look for common themes in the reviews that are less than glowing. If most of the reviews are four or five stars, you know that you’re in good hands.

Visit Multiple Tattoo Parlors Before Making Your Decision

San Diego Tattoo Parlor It’s hard to tell if you would feel comfortable at a specific parlor when you have only reviewed the website. That is why visiting each place you’re considering in person is so important. This is also a good time to look through the portfolios of various tattoo artists. Observe the tattoo artists in person so you can determine the quality of their work and how they interact with clients. You may also want to speak to the shop owner a few times before you leave.

If you’re considering a specific tattoo artist, see how good of a rapport you can build with this person ahead of time. You’re not likely to have a good experience with someone you feel intimidated by or who you feel doesn’t listen to you. Keep in mind that getting a single tattoo can take several hours. You don’t want to spend that time with someone you don’t like.

Does The Tattoo Artist Offer The Style You WantArm Tattoo at San Diego Parlor Tattoo artists often specialize in one or two styles with their work. Since dozens of possible styles exist, you need to make sure that the person you work with is comfortable with the design style that you want. Ten of the most popular current styles include:

Dotwork: These are intricate designs that fill in areas where you would normally find shading or color with hundreds of tiny dots.


  1. Geometric: These detailed design shapes use repetition and symmetry to create a tattoo that covers a large circumference. They are typically black but may use some color. Tattoo artists use the geometric style when trying to create a three-dimensional image.
  2. Japanese: Japanese tattoos are the oldest style and typically cover a large portion of the body. Color, direction, imagery, and positioning all follow ancient tradition.
  3. Neo Traditional: More detailed than traditional tattoos, this type uses precise shading and bold outlines.
  4. New School: These tattoos appear as cartoons and use hip-hop and graffiti artistic techniques.
  5. Realism: This type looks exactly as it would in the real world, such as a replication of a photograph on the skin.
  6. Script: Tattoo artists use a variety of fonts to convey messages the client wishes to display.
  7. Traditional: A traditional tattoo uses a lot of black outlines and a limited palette of colors. Although not as detailed as other types, artists must use incredible precision to create them.
  8. Tribal: This style dates back to ancient times. It’s normally black in color and uses geometrical design and symmetry.
  9. Watercolor: Tattoo artists use streaks of color and splashes to create the impression of paint on paper or a canvas.

You may not know exactly what type of tattoo you want and that is okay. Your tattoo artist should collaborate with you and offer you several suggestions based on your personal criteria.

Price Considerations And Aftercare Plan 

It’s common for tattoo artists to charge by the hour or per square inch of the tattoo. Design complexity is also a factor. Be sure to ask for a written estimate upfront so you can budget for the cost. However, keep in mind that it can be difficult to determine exactly how long it takes to complete a tattoo for those who bill you hourly.

The San Diego tattoo parlor you choose should provide you with an aftercare plan for caring for your new tattoo at home. This should include specific instructions about your bandages, cleansing the area, and expectations for how long it takes your skin to heal.

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