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San Diego Tattoo Trends in 2017

February 10, 2017 by  
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If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo this year, there’s never been a better time. The latest San Diego tattoo trends show that there has never been a greater variety of styles and themes available. But what are they, and where on the body are people getting them? Here we take a look at the most popular tattoos being requested in San Diego tattoo shops in 2017

Hip Tattoos

Tattoos on the hip are set to be one of the biggest trends of the year, especially for women, says celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy. His clients include Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber, and his hip designs have started a tattoo trend that’s spreading all over the world. “It’s an area where you can easily hide the tattoo or show it off,” he explains.

Popular hip designs range from small, simple images or script to large, intricate hip pieces. And it’s not just the hips that are experiencing a popularity surge when it comes to ink. Many people now are opting for tattoos on other parts of the body that can either be shown or hidden, such as behind the ear, the inner arm and the back of the neck. JonBoy particularly likes inner arm designs.

“Inner arm tats are neat because when you’re standing in your neutral position, head on, you can’t see them,” he says.

Tiny Tattoos

A lot of people now are opting for very small designs in discreet places, such as single spots or lines. Single lines around the wrist are becoming increasingly popular.

Small script is another of the hottest tattoo trends for 2017, as it’s meaningful without being too obvious. This will usually be something simple such as a single word or a significant date. From a distance, this can look like a linear design, making it more intriguing the closer someone gets to you.


A “morphing” tattoo is where one object blends into another. These create surreal images a lot like the art of Salvador Dali, and they make for super-creative body art. They can also be highly personal, as the image of someone’s face can be blended into a place or an object that represents one of their interests.

Optical Illusions 

Another of the most popular San Diego tattoo trends this year is set to be tattoos that create optical illusions, such as striped and swirling patterns that confuse the eyes. These are said to be inspired by the confusing times we’re living in.

Hyper Realism 

“Hyper-realism – being able to make something look real on someone’s skin – is becoming a really popular request,” says celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang, who has inked top celebrities including Rihanna. Photo-realistic tattoos of people, animals and objects are set to dominate San Diego tattoo shops in 2017. We’re especially likely to see a high number of portraits of some of the iconic celebrities who sadly passed away last year, such as David Bowie and Prince.

Portraits of family members and beloved pets are also highly popular, as are realistic tattoos of objects such as smartphones, which have become so important to some people that they want to immortalize them on their bodies!

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns have straight lines and a futuristic, almost robotic feel. They’ve been gaining in popularity for some time, but the trend looks set to explode in 2017. It represents the rapid growth of technology and virtual reality, looking very much to the future for inspiration. Almost anything can be drawn geometrically, including flowers and portraits.

These designs can also be layered to create an almost 3D effect, keeping up with the latest trends in video.

Go Retro

Old-school tattoos are making a big comeback this year. Images such as skulls, daggers and roses are experiencing a whole new wave of popularity. They look best when they’re big, bold and colorful, in highly visible places such as on the outer arm or the leg.

One of the most popular retro images this year is the anchor, which was one of the first ever tattoo trends. It was made hugely popular by sailors during World War II, and now is being used to commemorate them over 70 years later.

Tribal Systems

For both men and women, tribal tattoos are re-emerging as a hot trend this year. Women are choosing Native American designs such as dream catchers, or Japanese lettering and symbols. For men, this year’s tribal trend is heavily influenced by Maori and Hawaiian traditional imagery. These bold prints are a great way of conveying meaningful messages without having to tell anyone what they mean. They are often worn on the upper arm or the chest.


Finally, 2017 is set to be the year of the eclectic tattoo. You can take any of the above styles and blend them together to create some truly creative, original body art that will dazzle the eyes of onlookers while being completely personal to the wearer!

Choose a Reputable Artist

Whatever design and style you choose, and wherever on your body you decide to get your tattoo, the most important thing whenever you’re thinking of getting inked is to choose a tattoo studio that’s reputable and safe. They must comply with the strictest standards of hygiene and safety, and be able to show that they are highly experienced. Otherwise you may not just be stuck with a bad tattoo that you hate; your health can also be at risk.

EC Tattoos have been established since 2007, and have two studios in San Diego. Their team of highly experienced tattoo artists each specialize in different types of tattoos. Call them on 619-444-8288 or 619-229-8282 to discuss your tattoo requirements.



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