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San Diego’s Ear and Body Piercing Trends for 2017

May 4, 2017 by  
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We are now entering a period that’s more about refinement rather than quantity, now that many piercings have gone from counterculture to couture. Here are a few San Diego ear and body piercing trends poised to be all the rage this year.


Conch piercings are versatile and can add the perfect accent to more showy piercings in the ear, like Mars or Venus with the Moon. The conch of the ear consists of thicker cartilage and very little flesh, so there will definitely be some discomfort – perhaps more – if your pain threshold is very low. Still, they score relatively low on the pain scale. Conch piercings typically take between 6-8 months to heal.

San Diego Piercing Trends








There are endless possibilities in terms of placement on the conch. Some people like to line up a few; others prefer a different pattern, like more of “constellation” type look.

Nikki Reed of The Twilight Saga fame has a central, inner conch piercing that is orbited by her lobe and helix piercings. Check out the article and a few more celebrity conch piercings HERE.


Nikki Reed Conch Piercing










Daith and Tragus piercings definitely give off a more “badass” vibe, depending on what you put in, can look downright exotic. Speaking from experience, more and more San Diego ear piercing shops are getting requests for these striking piercings!


Daith Piercing








The Daith piercing goes through the ear’s innermost cartilage fold and is designed to appear to come out of the ear canal. When properly done, you cannot see both the entrance and exit holes. It was introduced by piercer Erik Dakota in 1992 in Body Play. Depending on who you ask and your individual pain tolerance, it can be the most painful of the ear piercings, or comparable to any other cartilage penetrating piercing. Some migraine sufferers have claimed that Daith piercings have relieved pain the frequency of their headaches. Notably, acupuncturists have targeted this precise area to treat migraines. A curved needle, first developed by Dakota, is used, and the piercing takes an average of 3-6 months to heal.


Daith Ear Piercing








Barbells and captive rings are standard, but you can really go dramatic with the Daith piercing. Right now, the heart shape is extremely popular for this placement.

Here is Kylie Jenner’s Daith and heart:

Here is Kylie Jenner's Daith and heart:










The Tragus is really close to the Daith, sticking out just ahead of the ear canal. It is another fantastic area to add dramatic flair, whether by itself, or accentuating lobe, Daith, or other ear piercings. Although there are not many nerve endings in the Tragus, there still may be some discomfort.

Since the Daith and Tragus are practically neighbors, one truly cool and coordinated look would have matching or complementary rings (the more ornate, the better!).








Since the Daith and Tragus are practically neighbors, one truly cool and coordinated look would have matching or complementary rings (the more ornate, the better!).

Daith and Tragus







Studs can work really well too, especially if you really play up the Tragus. Here’s a fabulous look on Keke Palmer:

Keke Palmer







Once upon a time, nose piercings – predominantly nose jewels at the nostrils – were mostly seen on gorgeous ladies from India and surrounding areas. Nowadays, businesses are becoming more tolerant of simple, “tasteful” nose piercings. Of course, this is quite subjective.

High Nostril Piercing Piercing








Nostril piercings are showing up in multiples (especially adorned with simple, dainty rings), but what has really taken off is the Septum piercing.

You could wear a subtle ring, like Jessica Biel (image and some great “Septum Piercings 101” appears HERE), or showcase the piercing like Rihanna. One great thing about the horseshoe septum ring, however, is that you can turn it upwards, hiding the prongs inside the nostrils, if you suddenly find yourself somewhere you can’t or don’t want to flaunt the piercing.

Jessica Biel Nose Piercing


Rihanna Nose Piercing










The Septum is a bit more sensitive than the cartilage piercings in the ear, but the pain is not agonizing. The pain is said to go away within three weeks; like the other piercings, it will heal in six to eight weeks.


Recently, there has been a crop of celebrities who have donned fake lip rings as accessories.

Lady Gaga Piercing






It could be because the lips are sensitive and are prone to more obvious swelling than the septum area; otherwise, in terms of pain and healing time, the lip piercings are comparable to the Septum piercings.

Two piercings that emulate the moles of two timeless superstars, Marilyn Monroe and Madonna, have been gaining popularity. The late Amy Winehouse sported a “Monroe,” which is closer to the lip than the birthmark that inspired it. The “Madonna” is on the other side of the face. If you get both done, they are called “Angel Bites.”

Madonna Monroe Piercing








More adventurous types can try the alluring “Medusa” piercing, which sits just above the upper lip in the middle of the groove of the philtrum, atop the cupid’s bow. It draws attention to the center of your face and accentuates symmetry.

Amy Winehouse Medusa Piercing







Although pretty on its own, many choose to couple the Medusa with their nose piercings, lower lip labret (stud or ring), or their nose piercings. As you can see, you can have a drastically different look depending on whether you choose studs or rings. Piercings around the mouth (as opposed to on the lips themselves), take between 8-12 weeks to heal.

There are a multitude of different “bites” – and combinations of bites – you can get. For a great list of different lip piercings, go HERE. You’ll see a few of these – and other piercings from this article in Emily’s gallery.

There are a multitude of different “bites” – and combinations of bites – you can get. For a great list of different lip piercings, go HERE. You’ll see a few of these – and other piercings from this article in Emily’s gallery.

Belly rings, nipple rings – these are still very popular at San Diego body piercing shops, but if you want some extra pizzazz, consider these little beauties that are making their way all over the body. They look amazing!

Dermal Surface Tattoo








They can go almost anywhere – fingers, abdomen, back, cleavage… for example, take a look at a few we’ve done! Some designs can be simple and elegant; others have created pictures or patterns like a human Bedazzler!

Tatring has an excellent article with basic information HERE, including this handy illustration:

How Dermal Piercing Works





It is imperative that you do not remove these on your own; you could cause yourself injury and scarring.

Remember not to slack off when it comes to looking after your piercings, especially during the healing period. It may be tempting to be more lax when they stop hurting – be diligent! We have some aftercare tips HERE.

When it comes to piercing, the limit is pretty much your imagination. We seem to have gone past the “novelty” of face and body piercing so that it’s not about how many piercings you have, but which ones you have chosen and how you decide to coordinate them to achieve a particular look…kind of like when you go from college day binge drinking to exercising a more sophisticated palate and focusing on your tastes.

Inspired and ready to make your body a work of art? Have questions or want to bounce off ideas? Talk to us – we’d love to help you express yourself!



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